About Us

Epic Auctions and Estate Sales began serving estate representatives, attorneys and business people in 1977. We have held 1000’s of auctions and estate sales all over Michigan, as well as nationally. Epic can handle all aspects of both the personal property and real estate portions of your estate.

Epic Auctions and Estate Sales’ largest sale to date was $76,000,000 and smallest was $998.

Every sale starts with a no obligation walk through consultation to establish the scope and complexity of your particular sale. There is no single formula as every estate is different, requiring a variety of solutions including online and referral work.

For more information please visit our website at www.EpicAuctionsAndEstateSales.com or call us.

Bob Howe, Auctioneer 517-927-5028

Brad Stoecker, Auctioneer/Broker 734-320-9627